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Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel Law Firm is authorised to practice law in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under licence number 113/27 issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Aqeel Law Firm provides legal services to clients based on the best local and international standards in accordance with our vision and core values. Our team members are recognised as leaders in their respective fields. Most recently our team was recognised as leading lawyers for project finance, offshore finance, cross border, banking, capital markets and corporate and commercial advisory.

Our Mission

To provide a legal service that guarantees

“Quality without Compromise”

and become one of the best law firms in KSA.

Our Core Values

Our core values are honesty, integrity, trust and mutual respect.
Whatever we do, these values are the cornerstones of who we are. We understand our success is dependent on you being successful, we work with you in partnership, to mutually share in each others success.

Our Partners

One 2 One Legal, LLP entered into a cooperative agreement with the Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel Law Firm. With the international connections that One 2 One Legal LLP has, the ability to partner with a successful local Saudi lawyers like Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel and his firm, will help both businesses expand and offer a more diverse selection of services to their clientele. The firms market themselves to businesses that need advice on the comprehensive business and legal changes which have occurred in the area over the last decade.

“Business dealings in this country have changed as we continue to become an even larger player in the global market. In order to provide our clients with the very best of service, we need to provide them expertise in international business dealings,” said Mr. Aqeel. “Mr. Siraj Al Islam, the head of One 2 One Legal, has a great deal of success in this area and I believe he will prove a valuable resource to our clients.”

The cooperation between the Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel Law Firm and One 2 One Legal allows both operations to provide their clients with more services and legal expertise. “I am very excited about the cooperation with Mohammed’s firm. It will help One 2 One Legal in our attempts to gain a positive reputation in the market while opening opportunities for their clients and ours,” said Mr. Islam.

For more information about One 2 One Legal LLP and the Law Firm of Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel, please visit www.aqeel.com.sa www.one2onelegal.com

We are pleased to announce that we have entered into a cooperation agreement with AbouNader & Tohme Law Firm in Beirut, Lebanon. This will facilitate our mutual clients to have a seamless service both in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Lebanon.

For more information, kindly visit www.at-lawfirm.com

Our Logistic Partners

Our Services

Banking and Finance

Our Islamic Banking and Finance capability has been described as “well beyond the ready-made, one-size-fits-all Islamic solutions.” We care about the work that we do and will guide you to develop products and services that are likely to stand the test of time.

contract drafting

We draft all types of contracts in both Arabic and English languages for companies and individuals such as franchise, incorporation, employment contracts, sales contracts, lease.. etc based on the best practices in the market.


Our Commercial practice has been noted as being “very diligent, energetic and innovative,” whether you need assistance with an agreement related to services, employment, real estate or any other form of arrangement, we will provide effective commercial advice.

Dispute Resolution

We have been recommended for our “great strategic grasp on a situation,” and our “dedication and persistence,” qualities that make us “particularly effective” when negotiating on behalf of our clients. We have been noted for, and have been welcomed for our “courtesy and professionalism” in difficult circumstances to get you the “commercial results” that you want.


Whether you are looking to sell your business or to acquire a business, or indeed wish to raise additional funds through an IPO/Rights Issue, we can guide you in a way that regulators will assist you with what you want to achieve. We are noted for our ability by clients to get issues “resolved within a very short time” and “with the results” that our clients want.

Company Secretarial

Come to us if you are looking to incorporate a new company / branch or are looking for a one stop shop for all matters relating to GOSI, SAGIA, MOCI, Labor, and the Passport Office. We are able to work out a cost-effective service and time efficient service for you, whether you retain us for a specific matter or sign up for our one stop annual package.

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Our Team

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Mohammad Al Aqeel

General Manager

Licenced Attorney, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
General Manager, Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel Law Firm

Mohammed is a recognised qualified lawyer in the fields of general laws and in particular Islamic Law as practised in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He obtained his BA in Islamic law from Imam Mohammed Bin Saud Islamic University in 2003. He obtained a higher diploma in laws from the Institute of Public Administration in 2005 (Saudi equivalent of an LLM degree).

He has attended numerous "Law Skills Courses" from Cambridge Regional Collage between 2006-2007. Mohammed trained and practised law at one of the pre-eminent law firms, a firm which is consistently listed as a tier one firm in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and UK.

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Siraj Al Islam

Partner, One 2 One Legal LLP.

Solicitor, Senior Courts of England and Wales, United Kingdom
Partner, One 2 One Legal LLP
Head of Corporate and Finance, Mohammed A. Al-Aqeel Law Firm

In addition to specializing in Islamic banking and finance, Siraj has a long history of advising sponsors, banking institutions and quasi governmental entities with the structuring, implementation and delivery of major projects including PPP and PFI.

At the age of 28, Siraj was appointed and served as the United Kingdom General Counsel for ISS, a global organization listed by Forbes as one of the world’s largest private employers and as the best outsourcing company in the world by American Fortune Magazine. Prior to establishing One 2 One Legal LLP, Siraj worked at UK “Magic Circle” and USA “White Shoe” international law firms. Siraj is consistently ranked as one the worlds leading lawyers in all areas involving Islamic Banking and Project Finance. Siraj holds an LLB (Hons) in law and an MA in advanced legal studies.

Abdullah Al-Jumah

Collaborative Partner

Abdullah Al-Jumah
Collaborative Partner

Mr. Abdullah Al-Jumah graduated from Harvard Law School with an LLM degree, after studying law at the University of Manchester and King Saud University.

He worked for two years as a legal counsel at the Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, before joining the office as a collaborative partner.

Wassim Bou Nader


Wassim Abou Nader

Licenced Attorney, Lebanon
Partner, A&T Law Firm

Wassim Abou Nader has achieved a PHP in banking law from University of Paris II Panthéon-Assas, France PHD obtained with Distinction and Congratulations of the Jury. Subject: Bank liability. Subvention from the French government to publish the PHD.

Prior to establishing A&T Law Firm, Wassim worked in the biggest international and regional law firms where he started as a junior associate in Paris, moved after to a senior position in London and Paris.

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Bassel Tohmé


Bassel Tohmé

Licenced Attorney, Lebanon
Partner, A&T Law Firm

Bassel Tohmé graduated from the Lebanese University - Filiere Francophone de Droit – Beirut with a Bachelor Degree in Law. Bassel obtained a Master in Arbitration , Litigation and Alternative Disputes Resolutions” from the Pantheon Assas University (Paris II) France and the Lebanese University. Bassel is a member of the Beirut Bar Association and the “Arab Society for Intellectual Property” Amman – Jordan.

  • Member of the Beirut Bar Association since January 2008.
  • Founder and Treasurer of “Citizens 4 Justice” Association (NGO) – Beirut – Lebanon.
  • Member in ASIP “Arab Society for Intellectual Property” Amman - Jordan, a NGO member in the WIPO.

Mohammed Nagib Salem

Senior Legal Advisor

Mohammed Nagib Salem

Senior Legal Advisor

Mohammed Nagib Salem graduated from the Faculty of Law from Tanta University in 2007, Mohammed was registered as an attorney at the courts of appeal of the Republic Arab of Egypt in November 2015.

Mohammed practiced the legal work in the state of Kuwait for two years, then he joined Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Aqeel law firm in association with One to One Legal LLP since 2010 and, he is working now as a senior legal advisor. Mohammed's areas of practice incudes' the cooperate practice and litigation.

Abdullah Al Aqeel


Abdullah Al Shurimi


Aban Rawas


Ahmed Taqi

IT Manager

Hatem Nablusi

Executive Secretary

Khalid Jamal

Senior Accountant

Abdullah Alshahrani

Administration Coordinator

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